Accountability, uh-oh!

Okay so I wrote my goals yesterday and it was exhilerating. However, I never did make it out to the garage! Is that crazy? By the time I got dressed and walked the dog and did all those things I need to do before I can actually go out, some one called and then it was 11:15 and the parade of workman were due to come from 12-4 and I can’t be in the garage then. I made stew instead of writing, and I threw away all the fattening left overs.

While I waited for the repair men I did start a review of The March. I have a hair up my butt about it because the praise is so profuse and while I liked it, enjoyed reading it, it’s no Tess of the D’urbevilles and I don’t understand how I’ll ever succeed when literary books feel shallow to me and yet they win prizes. I just don’t get it.

I’m still working on the review to get the sarcasm out of it…or at least to justify the sarcasm and will post it on my blog sometime in the next couple of days. So I can’t really say “I didn’t write,” but I can’t really say I did.

Here’s a clarification. General fooling around writing counts 1/4 of a point compared to fiction writing on either a short story or the novel.

That way I won’t be saying I wrote a thank you note and using that as my “writing” for the day. That doesn’t count this year!!!!

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