Charming Tess

She IS charming. Trish and I drove down to the Torrance Borders to have coffee with her. It was fun to hear about her new book which is going to be an historical detective venture set in Boston in 1830. I don’t know how much she wants in the ether, so I won’t say any more but it sounds like a provocative story. Her lecture about her current release, The Mephisto Club, explored how she got the idea for the novel from an apocryphal text of the bible. The research she does seems exhaustive, but has led to some very provocative insights. I’m on chapter 7 and anxious to have time to read today.

Thanks, Tess, for taking the time for coffee and for the words of encouragement. May your new permanent address be The New York Times bestseller list.

2 thoughts on “Charming Tess

  1. Pam Tartaglio

    How nice that someone so successful is pleasant and kind. Nice guys and girls CAN finish first.I read the first page of Mephisto Club at Ralph’s, and I was impressed. I wanted to buy it but I have so many at home I want to read first.

  2. Gay Degani

    That’s the way it is, Pam. Too many books, not enough time. I listen to books on tape alot. It’s a great way to double what I’m able to read. Tess’s book Harvest is on tape at most public libraries.


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