Kerry’s Class-Gremlin Protection

I did a very intelligent thing on the spur of the moment. I signed up for Kerry Madden’s class at Vroman’s Bookstore, “Intense Fiction Workshop” and it is really narrowing and controlling my focus to finish my book. Several reasons.

First, Kerry is a born teacher. She has her own talent which is profound and she is developing it with dedication, care, and passion. This passion for the written word spills out of her and motivates those around her. She has the most productive attitude for her students using encouragement, sound suggestions, and patience.

Second, the class level is high, filled with women who are passionate about taking the writing journey. Each one has a unique point-of-view (well, that’s a no-duh statement), but what I mean is, they allow that POV to come through in honest language. I am pleased to be a student among such strong writers.

Third, I need the audience and the deadlines. I feel that now is the time for me to finish this project, but working in a void leaves me frustrated and blocked. That gremlin sits on my shoulder telling me any number of unprintable stories of my worthlessness. I have learned to ignore the gremlin, which is good, but I haven’t been able to eradicate him. Yes, mine is a dude. I suppose no one ever really gets rid of gremlins, but we can shrink them down and step on them like cockroaches.

I guess that means that the class is my way of pounding the cockroach. Somehow that didn’t come out right.

3 thoughts on “Kerry’s Class-Gremlin Protection

  1. Renata Costa

    ALO DO BRASIL!!!My dear Degani. Oh what good times, my first semester in Pasadena, at PCC, in Mrs.Degani’s class…I’m proud of you. Is is the short story we used to talk in class?I went to the Amazon (and Pantanal) with 8 delightful, adventurous and caffeneited gringos..wish you were there. Alright, this is a blog, not a email writing, right.Beijos,RenataPS: Changed major….MD is the goal now! got a major grant that will take me all the way. Praise the Lord.

  2. Gay Degani

    Abraham-Renata!!!!So good to hear from both of you and I hope to see you both soon. Congratulations, Renata, on your decision to rock the med profession. You will be awesome!


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