Okay So I Haven’t Been Around

You wanna make something of it? Of course I’m assuming someone out there is reading this which, except for my sister Jane, is probably not happening. I’m embarrassed that I’ve neglected this spot, but I’m giving no excuses. It is what it is. Sooo….

Here’s a life update.

My son has settled in to clerking for a judge in the sixth circuit. I think it’s the sixth circuit, Ohio? And of course, I can’t remember the judge’s name . But I’m the mom and my focus has been to get him (Nick not the judge) to change his address so I can stop forwarding mail…from the Republican Party. He’s got a nice apartment, he tells me, and no furniture, but he’s looking for a bed.

I remember those first days of really being out on one’s own. I lived in Garden Grove with a roommate while I attended Long Beach State and worked on my masters. She was at Sawyer, a secretarial school, in Anaheim. Garden Grove was in between. (Speaking of republicans, back there in 1971 I still wore jeans and love beads. My hair hit the middle of my back. I couldn’t go into the post office without generating stares of disgust and fear).

We lived in one of those old 60s-70s garden apartments, a series of buildings surrounding a swath of grass. Balconies running the length of each building, stairs on both ends. Palm trees. Lawn chairs. I don’t think we had a pool, but I can’t really remember. Luckily for me I was close enough to home that I could use some furniture my folks had in the garage, a maple living room set, sofa, chairs, that my mom and I stripped and stained a dark mahogony and she reupholstered in a brown and orange plaid. It was actually quite attractive. My old bedroom set (also maple) I antiqued in yellow/brown. Antiquing was decorating trend so my apartment, with the help of my mother, was charming.

Unfortunately, Nick’s two thousand miles away so I’m not helping him much. Just forwarding mail. Maybe I shouldn’t have him change his address? Otherwise he might not blog about me thirty-five years from now.

My daughter is in Australia, currently at the Great Barrier Reef. She says its totally beautiful and the nightlife is good. At her age, that IS the primary consideration. She’s been down under since September 2 and having a great time. Next will be New Zealand, then once she gets back, she’s off to Mammoth for her second season on the mountain. She’s gonna be a darn good snowboarder by the time she’s done.

Tim’s busy at work. I won’t say much about him or me now because….

I need to quit blogging and hit the garage to write. I’ve set a deadline of December 15 for my revision. The kids seem to be functioning quite well without me and Tim’s tucked away at work, so what excuses do I have? Oh, did I mention the remodeling?

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